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“Curation” gets six tweets per hour…right now!

Take a look at Thoora, which helps users “Discover What the World is Talking About.”  Thoora, which calls itself a news discovery service, finds what is hot in blogs, twitter and traditional news media and displays the stories in real time ordered from mosts buzz to least.  Tweets per hour and the “sparkline” of tweet history is shown for each story.  When I searched for curation, it came up with six tweets per hour and I found a story I’d missed despite diligent following of the topic.  So if you are looking to leverage the wisdom of the crowd in your research or uncover new voices, take a look at this site.  It’s free.

Thoora’s crowdsourcing of the news isn’t unique, although it had a lot less company when it was launched in October 2009.  It does raise the fundamental question of whether you want to focus your time on what is popular to all versus what is important to you.  I lean toward the “what’s important” but like to mix that up a bit so I can periodically reassess whether my priorities still make sense and my sources remain close to comprehensive. 

Many of the content curation systems for business (Eqentia, Hivefire, Loud3r, ConnectedN, Aggregage, CIThread, CurationStation, DayLife, OneSpot, PublishThis, StoryCrawler and more) find relevant content and then give you an option to display it according to frequency of social mention.  So you don’t need to forego popularity measures in your search for what is important to you. 

What different uses do you see for crowdsourced news vs topically curated news?

  1. 03/21/2011 at 6:16 pm

    I think you might have meant Aggreage instead of aggregare.

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