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How do you involve your experts in social media?

Marketers need to “know their customers so well that the product or service sells itself,”  as Peter Drucker said. But marketers aren’t subject matter experts on issues their customers face.  From whom does the customer want to hear? Not the marketer.  The customer wants to hear from the experts.   

A company’s key subject matter experts are short on time and may not have an inclination to blog or engage online with customers.  How does a company productively involve their experts in online discussions?

A company called ConnectedN has an answer.  ConnectedN is a Software-as-a-Service curation platform focused on making social media engagement feasible for busy professionals, particularly those in enterprises that adhere to strict guidelines for pre-publishing approval. Pricing is $350 per month per user. This includes a brand-compliant microsite that sits on the customer’s Web site for publishing curated content, the aggregation and routing software that finds relevant social media mentions and routes them via email to appropriate experts and reviewers, as well as newsletter distribution and social media publishing capabilities. 

Combining content curation with workflow management and an email-based user interface addresses two factors that limit many companies’ engagement with social media: the time required of experts and the volume of content needed to maintain a consistent presence. Third-party content provides the impetus for expert commentary, draws search engine traffic, and enables regular publishing to social media platforms and newsletter subscribers. Pretty nifty.

ConnectedN’s singular focus on getting busy subject matter experts directly participating in social media reminds me of the revolution that took place in print publishing when editors first sat in front of electronic workstations. Editorial control was the prize that motivated editors to sit at a keyboard, perceived then as a stigma. Having a voice in far-reaching conversations, without becoming a slave to the Web, is today’s prize.

Read more about ConnectedN in this new report from Patricia Seybold Group:  ConnectedN’s Content Curation for Social Media Engagement.

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