Segmentation key to content marketing

Gary Angel recently wrote a great post on Segmentation for Digital Analytics Done Right. He  points out that to properly understand a visitor’s web behavior you must understand who they are and what they are trying to do.  Are they customers or prospects?  If customers are they going to the site because they have a support problem or want to buy something more?  Only after you know the who and the why can a change in a metric, such as visitors, be properly interpreted.  More significant, he makes that case that for  the intersection of each visitor type and each visitor purpose, the marketer must determine the appropriate performance measure.  Make up a matrix with visitor types on the left and visitor purposes across the top.   Then think about each cell in that matrix:

  • What is your objective for that visitor and visitor purpose?
  • What do you want the visitor to do next?
  • What is the relevant performance measure?
  • How do you talk to that person?
  • What content do you provide?

This is exactly how a content marketer thinks.  Who (buyer persona) and why (stage of buying cycle) drive the content agenda, conversion objective and performance measure.  But for content marketers there is more.  For each cell in that matrix, there is a time dimension: for instance, a prospect may build awareness of their need over a period of two months.  During that time the marketer stays in touch with a nurture program. Response-driven nurtures bring further segmentation to bear.

It’s no wonder we need technology.  Have you connected the dots in your web site, content marketing, and lead management programs?  What is holding you back?

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