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5 Reasons for Low Adoption of Marketing Technology and How to Move Forward

Many of the technologies that comprise the marketing technology ecosystem have been around since before the shift to customer control of the buying process, a shift that has made technology essential to marketers.  Hence, low adoption rates of marketing technologies can’t be explained by lack of availability of appropriate solutions.  Progress has been slow for five major reasons:

  • An evolving marketing technology ecosystem, in which capabilities of dissimilar elements often overlap.
  • The time required to develop a culture of experimentation.
  • The gaps in process knowledge and skills needed to both chart the path and execute the tactics of this new marketing.
  • All the usual budget constraints, organizational silos, and accountability questions that have plagued marketing for years.
  • Lack of, or delayed, IT support.

Moving forward in this mostly uncharted territory requires important business skills: the leadership to work effectively across functions in the organization, the knowledge to plan a technology strategy, the judgment to reengineer processes and train/recruit the right team, the focus to engineer activities to support business objectives, and the analytical skill to keep finding ways to improve outcomes.

Marketing has, in many companies, fallen into an almost Rodney Dangerfield position in the executive suite: they don’t get respect—and perhaps they haven’t been earning it. Start today to make marketing a legitimate business function in your company.

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    “5 Reasons for Low Adoption of Marketing
    Technology and How to Move Forward Marketing to Business
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