7 Steps to Success with Marketing Automation

Nobody wins when marketing automation system implementations don’t yield expected results. Yet it happens so frequently that some industry observers predict slow adoption of this important technology because of implementation problems.

Recent research by Patricia Seybold Group and McKittrick Associates shows that there are more than 20 skills, practices, and organizational practices important for a success implementation.  While suppliers, consultants, and marketers have amply documented what needs to be done and often how to do it, the extent of the changes that may be needed makes if hard to focus on what to do first.  Unfortunately, many turn to system selection as their first step. 

Views of five suppliers, representing more than 2000 marketing automation implementations, show remarkable similarity and point to seven steps to success with marketing automation.  Significantly, all seven can be substantially underway before  selecting a system.  In rough order of priority, the seven steps are:

  1. Establish clear objectives, performance measures, and metrics
  2. Agree on the end-to-end lead management process
  3. Have a champion in senior management
  4. Improve the sales-marketing relationship
  5. Develop a process for lead scoring and updating lead scoring
  6. Build skills in segmentation and targeting
  7. Develop a content strategy and plans

The suppliers indicated that these are areas in which a) their less successful customers struggle most, b) their more successful customers excel, and c) experienced customers continue to face difficulty.  Yet marketers can, and should,  begin making the changes within marketing and between marketing an other stakeholders before selection of a system. 

More information is in the full research report, available for download at no charge. 

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